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Pathway is an accurate and efficient point-of-care reference tool that gives you rapid access to evidence-based guideline summaries, interactive algorithms, key findings from landmark trials, clinical calculators, and more. Available anytime, anywhere.

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"Pathway boils down clinical guidelines to their essential facts, providing a rapid and efficient one-stop source for quick clinical searches paired with an efficient user interface and curated links to the original text."

Dr. Mark Graham, Internal Medicine

Find what you need, faster

Quickly find and read hundreds of efficient and accurate guideline summaries.

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Get patient-specific guidance

Use mobile-friendly interactive algorithms to reduce error and take the complexity out of aligning with best practices.

Easily assess the evidence

Refer to color codes, explanations and links to the original text for 200+ grading schemes.

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For clinicians, by clinicians

Your instant second opinion

Everything in Pathway is built to take the complexity out of aligning with best practices. Our physician authors and editors painstakingly review, assess and summarize the highest quality evidence-based clinical information to give you condensed, accurate and reliable summaries that can be acted on at the point of care. All delivered in a simple, fast and intuitive mobile application.

Landmark trials? We have them.

Refer to landmark trials for a specific disease, with summaries of key findings and links to the original text.

Search that understands you.

Use common and uncommon abbreviations, synonyms and alternative spellings.

Get notified.

Receive notifications for practice changing updates tailored to your specialty.

Make the right diagnosis.

Easily consult pertninent findings when a diagnosis is under question.

Keep up with best practices.

Got a spare minute? Discover what's new, browse the latest guideline summaries and stay up-to-date.

Offline? No problem.

All clinical information is available without an internet connection, so you can take Pathway wherever you go.

For organizations

Guideline dissemination for modern organizations

Improve medication safety, antimicrobial stewardship, infection prevention, quality and care management and patient safety within your institution.

Local guidelines they'll actually use.

Fit your guidelines into your clinicians’ existing workflows, alongside official society guideline summaries. 

Ensure best practice.

Mobile-friendly interactive pathways ensure guideline adherence, reduce unnecessary testing and minimize error.

Updates that get to people.

Deliver messages to all clinicians through smart push notifications—automatically delivered at the optimal time for every professional.

Track what matters.

Your dashboard shows all the metrics you need to boost guideline adherence, improve outcomes and measure return on investment.

No admin requirements.

Just send us your guidelines, and our editorial team will take care of integration. Need to make a change? No problem—send us your updates, or make the change though your admin panel.

No IT requirements.

We painstakingly optimize, upkeep and improve our service so your IT team doesn’t have to. Deploy institution-wide in a matter of seconds.

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We’re here to serve you, so you can better serve your patients

We're a passionate team of clinicians and researchers, dedicated to empowering a global healthcare community through intelligent, evidence-based, point-of-care resources.

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Evidence-based medicine, simplified

Instantly access hundreds of point-of-care guideline summaries, interactive algorithms, key findings from landmark trials, clinical calculators, and more. Always available offline, wherever you go.

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